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We provide appraisals and consulting services for all new construction projects from the outset to completion. Our highly trained appraisers analyze construction plans and provide accurate ‘as if complete’ appraisals. It is very important for all parties involved (lender, builder, investors, owners etc.) to know the current market value of a new construction project at the outset in order to make sound business decisions and ultimately complete a successful build. During the construction process we will provide progress reports confirming the level of percent complete for financing to be in order. Our appraisers will explain the construction and financing process from the appraisal and progress report standpoint at the outset of the project so all parties are of the same understanding. 

We can perform Highest and Best Use analysis to ensure the construction project maximizes the utility of the site. The key principles to be considered during a Highest and Best Use analysis are what is physically possible, financially feasible, legally permissible and maximally productive as well as what is not only possible but what is probable.

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