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Mortgage lenders often require appraisals to ensure that the value of their investment is accurate and equitable. Our appraisers are approved by lenders and our appraisals are known and trusted throughout the industry because of our high level of due diligence and quality of reports produced. Each lender features their own specific terms of reference (lenders guidelines) and our appraisers complete every appraisal according to each individual lender’s requirements. 

Over decades of experience we have developed a first class database that helps us to provide precise values and analyze true market trends.

We take great pride in ensuring our clients’ interests are protected.

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Other Services we offer:

Prenuptial Agreements


Portfolio Asset Valuations

Market Rent and Leasing Analysis

Reserve Fund Studies

Wieland & Associates - Ottawa Appraisals - Ottawa Appraisers

Wieland & Associates – Ottawa Appraisals – Ottawa Appraisers